Application Fields

Application Fields

HekimBoard Application Fields

  • As interior and exterior cladding material in all kinds of buildings,
  • As partition wall element in the form of sandwich panel,
  • As ceiling material ( 6mm ),
  • As flooring material in multi-storey prefabricated buildings,
  • As backerboard (instead of OSB) under roofing materials,
  • As material used under tiles in wet areas,
  • As supporting member in elevated floor systems,
  • As decorative covering member on interiors,
  • As cladding material for eaves soffit and fascia,
  • As concrete molding material,
  • As backerboard material in advertisement billboards,
  • As decorative construction element in all kinds of display window designs,
  • As door and window frames on the exteriors,
  • As composite members with various cladding materials,
  • As a sandwich panel with various insulation materials (EPS, rock wool etc.),
  • As storey molding in multi-storey buildings,
  • As ornamental accessories on exterior, facades.
  • As wall member on prefabricated pools,
  • As (PET foil covered) wall member in wet areas,
  • As flooring material on insulating board systems,
  • As covering material on curtain walls.